Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Most popular accounts on Instagram

I think every active user Instagrama would like to know whose accounts are the most popular.
Instagram popularity is determined by the number of subscribers: anyone have more total subscribers, the most popular.

But the annex is too simplistic and sort users by subscribers cannot.
So in this article I will discuss the 10 celebrities, whose accounts at the moment (year 2017) most popular on Instagram. They were selected in manual search.

Justin bieber

Justin bieber on Instagram

Kendall Jenner 

Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Nicki Minaj

nickiminaj on Instagram

Admire the works of instagramerov, inspiring life, Monokler decided to choose the most creative and unusual accounts via instagram. It is difficult to tell where the line between genius and insanity, but the owners of the following pages clearly have the shares of the other: sometimes they make us laugh, often embarrassing and almost always offer a new perspective on reality. So, remember the atmosphere of surrealism and creativity unusual pages Instagram.
ALSO on the TOPIC: new focus: Selfi perceptions, or in search of lost identity

In his pictures of Hugo Castro plays with hands, soil and different red objects (from roses to a pencil). With just a few household items, which do not represent any value for us, creates images with great emotional load. Concisely, violently, deeply.

Unusual via instagram Luis Octavio Costa (@kitato) devoted to the intricate geometry of street space in which people and architecture merge in unexpected manners, perevorachivajushhih submission and on the streets, and the representatives of the human race.

Minimalism and Surrealism — perhaps the two most prominent characteristics of this Reasoning. And an infinite number of geometric masks and flat of single houses, which look more like paintings.

What is going on in your head can women? Yes any, but not every lady is ready to introduce to the public the fruits of his unbridled imagination? But not Teresa: her Instagram is a gentle combination of nostalgia, fantasy and reality, which she generously shares with us.

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